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Single-phase capacitor motors

Three-phase asynchronous motors and single-phase capacitor motors run at an almost constant rotation speed. The design is according to EN 60034.
Both motor versions are especially robust against electrical and mechanical overload.

Wattage from 50 to 3.000 W.

The motors are protected as standard by an integrated temperature switch in the winding. Optionally the temperature switch can also be driven via an external tripping unit.


  • drive for compressors and vacuum pumps
  • drive for tool machines
  • gear motors with flange-mounted speed reducer


  • energy efficient design according to IEC 60034-30
  • long service life
  • maintenance free
  • version practicable for operation with frequency converter
  • isolation class possible up to F
  • protection class up to IP 65



Capacitor motors type GK 65/45

Capacitor motors Type GK 65/45 with increased starting rotation speed.

Technical Data

A. AC voltage 230 V/50 Hz  
Operating capacitor 5 μF/450 V
Rotation speed 2200 min-1
Torque 0,13 Nm
Output power 30 W
Nominal current 0,38 A
Operation mode S1
Isolation class F
B. AC voltage 110 V/60 Hz  
Operating capacitor 10 μF/250 V
Rotation speed 2700 min-1
Torque 0,13 Nm
Output power 37 W
Nominal current 1,2 A


Designed by Heinz Beilharz