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Wage work

New services: from one hand!

Repair and revision

We repair and revise all electrical drives up to 10 kW total power, irrespective of the year, complexity or condition.
Transmission, electric motors (DC motors and DC motors), in which the design and combination whatsoever: We put your electric motors repaired.

We will gladly make you an offer as a partner for your annual maintenance and guarantee repair service including spare parts.

Round and internal grinding

We offer round and internal grinding for precision parts.
We grind all common materials such as steel, aluminum, brass to measure with high concentricity.

External cylindrical grinding up to 350 mm
Cylindrical grinding up to 1000 mm length
Internal grinding up to 350 mm
Weight up to 100 kg

Rotors-balancing technology

We balancing rotors, shafts dynamically up to a max. components diameter and a length of 80 x 600 mm.

Cut cable to length

Our automated cutting machines are to be cut to size with high precision in a position your cables, cords and wires, cord extension sets.


Magnetization of raw magnets and radial magnetisation of magnetic rings with high precision. Our production is the magnetization of NdFeB, SmCo, ferrite, alnico magnets, up to an inner diameter of 82 mm and an energy of 100 Ws up to 50 kWs.


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