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October 2021

Production area expanded to meet high demand

ESTAN's high quality motors are in great demand in the industry, and the company has enjoyed very good growth rates in recent years. The new production hall is a response to this positive development and provides the basis for further growth.

With the opening of the new production hall in October 2021, the production area has been doubled. The machinery has been expanded and processes optimised, with new work islands shortening distances and increasing productivity. With the new production hall, ESTAN is well positioned for further growth in the coming years.



Spring 2021

Start of series production of the new synchronous servo motor range (ESS)

ESTAN's new synchronous servomotors will go into series production in spring 2021. They can be used universally in mechanical engineering.
The range includes numerous sizes and covers a wide torque range. Depending on customer requirements, a very fine, project-specific power selection can be made, resulting in a very good price/performance ratio. As a full service provider, ESTAN is also able to implement special customer requirements at short notice.

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August 2022

Start of series production of the new linear motor range (ESL/FLM)After a successful test phase, the new linear motor range (ESL/FLM), developed in a very short time, will go into series production in August 2022.The positive feedback from our satisfied customers confirms that our solution exactly meets the needs of the market: The high power density of the linear motors delivers around 20 percent more power or speed than comparable linear motors - and at a lower cost thanks to the modular system.

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December 2017

The new tubular linear motor TLM from ESTAN

Short stroke linear motor in round design with internal primary part (coil) and external secondary part (magnets).
The primary part has integrated water cooling. A variety of variants is to be realized by the fact that both the primary part and the secondary part can be produced in  different lengths and these result in a linear motor by combining the two parts.
The TLM is designed as a long-stator motor (primary part is longer than secondary part) and is conceptual only for short strokes max. 160mm.
So smaller the stroke, so higher the frequency can be, high dynamics and high power characterize this motor.

The operation of the TLM is only possible in conjunction with a suitable control (servo-controller).
Universal application as a single application as well as a component in the machine building.


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