ESTAN GmbH Schliengen



About us

ESTAN was founded in 1975 and today is an international company. In 2014, ESTAN was taken over by Dürr Technik.

Over 40 years of drive technology, 1975 - today, also means 40 years of experience and competence. At our location in Schliengen we produce with our own production, made in Germany.

Our core competence is the design, development and sale of electric motors for drive technology. In December 2017 we extended our product range by the tubular linear motor, in 2019 synchronous servo motors (rotary and linear) were added as further innovations.

ESTAN is your innovative and reliable partner when it comes to solving demanding drive technologies with electric motors. Customer satisfaction is ESTAN's highest priority, we strive for a close and trusting long-term cooperation with our customers, suppliers and partners.

We take it for granted that quality and cost-effectiveness are constantly monitored in all processes.

Certificates: ISO 9001:2015, railway approval, SNCF


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