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DC permanten magnet motors

The robust ESTAN DC motors are manufactured with steel shell and stabilized permanent magnets. The design is according to EN 60034 and VDE 0530. Performance of 5 to 3.500 Watt. Voltages of 12 to         180 V – other voltages on request.

ESTAN permanent-magnet motors have a shunt-wound-motor characteristic, i.e. almost constant rotation speed when the load changes. Steep current curves and low moment of inertia result in an especially good control behaviour as well as a dynamic behaviour.


  • especially suitable for electronic speed control in the 1Q- to 4Q operation in the automation and for CNC controlled machines
  • mobile applications in the railway sector, in agricultural machinery, heavy duty vehicles and special vehicles
  • hydraulics and industry


  • high efficiency
  • wide regulating range
  • no loss of excitation
  • compact type for example B3, B4, B14
  • various possibilities of mounting for example fan, brakes, etc.
  • isolation class possible up to H
  • protection class up to IP65

The following diagramme serves as product selection and shows each of the strongest version of one series.

Type PF 112 - 116

This type with its perfect constructive and dynamic characteristics might possibly be exactly what you have been looking for your application - find out more.

We offer an espescially comprehensive selection of DC permanent-magnet motors with a variety of accessories.

DC motor in robust design with steel shell and stabilized permanent magnets. The design is according to VDE 0530, isolation class B. The protection class is IP 44, 54 and 55. Designs: B3, B5, B14.

ESTAN permanent-magnet motors have shunt characteristics, i.e. approximately constant rotation speed when changing load. Steep increase in current curve and a low moment of inertia result in a significantly good control behavior.

No losses of excitation, high efficiency and small dimensions. Especially suitable for electronic rotation speed regulation in 1Q- to 4Q-operation in the automation and for CNC controlled machines.

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