ESTAN GmbH Schliengen



DC motors with excitation winding


In the case of electrical excited DC motors the magnetic field of the stator field is generated using an electroagnet. Wattage of 5 to 2.000 W. Voltages of 12 to 180 V – other voltages on request.

For ESTAN shunt motrs the excitation winding is located parallely to the armature winding. With this kind of excitation, the rotation speed remains almost the same.


  • wherever a constant rotation speed is required, for example for tractive units, starters for vehicles, etc.


  • high efficiency
  • strong tightening torque at rotation speed zero
  • simple speed variable
  • linear rotation speed torque behaviour
  • compact type for example B3, B4, B14
  • isolation class possible up to H
  • protection class up to IP65




Designed by Heinz Beilharz