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Synchronous servomotors

The motor series ESTAN Synchronous servomotors (ESS) include 8-pole, permanent-magnet rotary AC synchronous servomotors with 3-phase winding.

By using high-quality neodymium magnets, a very high power density is achieved. Compared with standard products the smaller size of the motor results in a low rotor inertia. In addition with high peak torques, this ensures excellent drive dynamics.

As standard, the motors have a maximum permitted intermediate circuit voltage of 700 V and a resolver as feedback and protection class up to IP65 is available. By design considerations, other conventional encoder systems are easy to implement. Optionally, a brake is provided for the motors.

The standard built-in thermocouples allow the use of insulation class 'F' with high reliability of the motor. By own production of the engines, we can react easily on customer-specific requirements.

Application areas:

In all applications where high dynamics and low rotor inertia are needed for small engine sizes, these motors are advantageous.


Designed by Heinz Beilharz