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Tubular linear motors (TLM)

Short stroke linear motor in round design with internal primary part (coil) and external secondary part (magnets).

The primary part has integrated water cooling. A variety of variants is to be realized by the fact that both the primary part and the secondary part can be produced in different lengths and these result in a linear motor by combining the two parts.
The TLM is designed as a long-stator motor (primary part is longer than secondary part) and is conceptual only for short strokes max. 160mm.
The smaller the stroke, the higher the frequency can be. high dynamics and high power characterize this Motor.

The operation of the TLM is only possible in conjunction with a suitable control (Servo-controller).
Universal application as a single application as well as a component in the machine building.

We will be happy to send you data sheets, designs and other data on request.

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