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Linear motors (ESL)

ESL series

3-phase synchronous linear motor

The modular design and the combination possibilities of the different lengths and widths allow the use in a wide range of applications.

ESL-25 in the range of 100-1200N
ESL-45 in the range of 300-3500N

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Water-cooled short-stroke linear motors (FLM)

FLM series

ESTAN synchronous short stroke linear motor


Synchronous linear motor with iron-core winding.
The structure of the motor corresponds to two flatbed linear motors facing each other.
The motor has a magnetic rail at the top and at the bottom and a double primary part in the middle, which is built in one piece.
In the middle of the primary part is the water cooling system. This design achieves a very high power density and reduces the heat input into the machine.
The opposing construction cancels out the magnetic attraction forces (between the primary and secondary parts), resulting in a very low bearing load.
The motor is not mounted on bearings. The motor is guided by the bearing point of the load in the application.


Highly dynamic motor with very fast response.
The maximum stroke is 55 mm.


The permissible winding temperature is max. 130°C with a cooling water temperature of 20°C and an ambient temperature of 35°C.

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Designed by Heinz Beilharz